I can't wait to work with you to make your day the best ever!

I make it simple, keep it light and focus on the candid moments. With over a decade of media production experience, I bring a unique approach to capturing emotion! My commitment is to telling your story, and every story is unique.

Raw, Real & Authentic

My videography, photography style is

We start with a consultation where we hash out wedding day details.

Throughout the duration the calendar year leading up to your wedding, we touch base every couple months to ensure new details, thoughts and ideas are noted to ensure they're captured beautifully. This also creates a foundation for a great working relationship. Having the opportunity to touch base so often will bring a sense of comfort to our work together come wedding day. 

Finally, we create a schedule breakdown of all the information collected so that, come wedding day, nothing is forgotten. This allow us to create without guidance, giving you - our couple - the chance to be present in your moments and enjoy all that your wedding day has to offer. Our detailed planning will ensure we stay on top of our game no matter what the day has in store.

Once you sit back with your popcorn and watch your one-of-a-kind wedding film,  you'll see that every important moment from your wedding day (even those that you weren't a part of) are piece of the Experience we create.


In the process of planing your wedding we're going to be there along every step of the way to offer support, guidance and offer support based off our experience.

We'll be there every step of the way.

the wedding experience

Every wedding is unique to those involved. Instead of bundling goods and services into pretty little packages, Sivad Media Group wants to give you the opportunity to build your own collection that will ensure your wedding day is captured beautifully in a unique way that creates individual Love Stories.

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Collections start at $3,150


-  Vanessa B

And we thought our wedding day was emotional! When we first saw our wedding film that Delorian created for us my husband and I where in tears.  He was able to not only capture the day, but all the emotion and energy. You can stop your search right now, I am telling you. Sivad Media Group is the real deal. I highly recommend them. Five stars all around!

"This was not your typical quote on quote wedding video, this was a movie!"

-  Esmet

Delorian was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the moment we started to discuss the details of our service contract to the wedding day, Delorian's professionalism was a key attribute that stood out to my wife and I. Delorian is excellent at communicating, staying in touch with his clients, and bringing a vision to life making the experience of planning towards the big day that much better. His professionalism is coupled with his talent and the joy you feel after you receive his product is a testament to that. My wife and I are forever grateful for Delorian and Sivad Media Group because our wedding was captured so beautifully.  He is hands down the best at what he does and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a premier videographer.

"His work is timeless and the amount of detail he puts into creating your wedding video is worth every penny."

- Courtney C

Last minute we found Sivad Media Group and boy where we lucky. They where so talented, professional and calming.  Delorian and his crew exceeded our expectations. They are absolutely the best at what they do and it shows. Securing there booking now looking back was one the most important things we did other then getting married.

"We cannot put into words how truly grateful we are that they where able to capture our wedding day."

- Brooklyn W

I couldn’t wait to write this review! Our wedding package was somethings out of a catalog. The overall presentation of thank you box, the personalized bag, cutest skeleton key flash drive and DVD’s. Our minds where blown. Delorian describes his packages as an heirloom at our consultation. He did not fault. If you book with Sivad Media Group, you will not be disappointed.

"Our wedding package was somethings out of a catalog."